My Favorite Christmas Card

Here is the Christmas Card that I really wanted to send in December 2005, but none of five local card shops had it for sale. My diligent search of an online store that sells cards manufactured by Recycled Paper Greetings did not show it in their catalogue. So I scanned a copy that I received back in the year 1980 and posted the images here for sharing with a few friends.
By way of explanation to non-native speakers of English, the original song has words:
We wish you a merry Christmas,
We wish you a merry Christmas,
We wish you a merry Christmas,
and a happy New Year.
In this pun, most of the words have been replaced with names of animals. The artist, Sandra Boynton, drew pictures of the named animals at the bottom of the card.

Ronald B. Standler
6 Dec 2005

This greeting card is Copyright 1980 by Recycled Paper Products, Inc., the predecessor of Recycled Paper Greetings, Inc.   Reproduced here with the kind written permission of Recycled Paper Greetings, Inc.

A radio station in Oregon posted a version with different graphics, along with a MIDI file that automatically plays through your computer's speakers.
20 Dec 2005